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Welcome to the STVMA Web Site!

Please explore our site by clicking on the links above. For information on the organization, as well as a list of officers with contact information, click on the About STVMA link.

Our next CE Event is October 18, 2012 at 6:00 PM! This special meeting will be held at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and will include an important discussion of some exciting future plans for STVMA CE offerings. See the Meetings page for additional information about this event and other upcoming CE.

Download handouts from recent CE events
See our Meetings page for handouts from our previous meetings.

Download Dr. Kathleen Collins' wound management handouts (2/1/2011)
See our Meetings page for handouts from our recent meeting with Dr. Kathleen Collins who spoke about practical wound management.

Find out about upcoming CE in our region! (4/24/2010)
Check out the new Regional CE Section of our Links page for more details!

Complete your NYSVMS Professional Development Form today! (2/14/2010)

Please download and fill out the NYSVMS Professional Development form reporting your CE hours in 2009. The local VMA submitting forms from the highest proportion of members will win a prize, so please fill yours out and mail it in today!

Join us for our next STVMA Meeting on April 22, 2010 in Ithaca (2/14/2010)

The next STVMA meeting will be held in Ithaca the evening of April 22, 2010. It will be open to the senior class at Cornell, and will be a great opportunity to meet and chat with some of the newest members of our profession!

Minutes for the January 28th meeting are available! (2/14/2010)

Click the Minutes - Past Meetings link for minutes for all past STVMA meetings.

STVMA is going GREEN! (2/14/2010)

At the January STVMA Meeting, it was decided that announcements of all meetings after April 2010 will be via email unless a member specifically asks for notification via US Mail. This will save the STVMA significant costs associated with this mailings and will save lots of trees! If you would like to continue receiving notifications on paper via US Mail, please send an email to

STVMA is now on Facebook! (2/14/2010)

STVMA now has a page on Facebook! Stop by to post comments on the wall or in the discussion forum that may be of interest to your colleagues, upload photos from recent events, and share interesting stories and cases. To access the Facebook page, click here!

Officer list updated! (2/14/2010)

Check out the "About STVMA" page for the list and contact information for new officers.

Some additional information: (2/14/2010)

* A new Veterinary Facility Accreditation Program evaluator has been hired! Watch for more news on this in the near future.